Grilling JR Smooth Copper Mule Mug

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Summer is approaching, and that means BBQ, Friends and Drinks... and what better way to serve those drinks to friends at your BBQ than in JRSBBQ and Grilling JR engraved 16 oz Smooth Copper Mule Mugs.

Available in 1, 2 and 4 packs. 

The key to a Moscow Mule’s refreshment is temperature…the colder, the better. That’s why our mug is made with 100 percent, 22-gauge pure solid copper. Copper chills the cocktail immediately and keeps it frosty from the first tingling sip to the last. Even the handle stays chilled, because our handles are solid copper, too.

A copper mug also prolongs the carbonation of the spicy ginger beer, elevating the drink to frosty perfection—chilled, fizzy, and tantalizing, just like a mule was meant to be.

Each mug also has a food-grade lacquer, so your mugs won’t tarnish easily or appear aged. (We recommend hand washing to protect your mugs, and using copper cleaner periodically to retain the original shine.)

Place 4 oz of simple syrup and 4 ounces of vodka into a cocktail shaker. shake vigorously. Squeeze in half a lime into each mug. Top off each mug with ginger beer and garnish with a cinnamon stick and wedge of pear.

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